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When corporates borrow-the most important part is to get the lowest possible borrowing rates. When you borrow at the wrong rate -you are laden with unnecessary costs that will negatively impact your profitability. With us, you can rest assured that you will get the best borrowing rate.


We understand your borrowing needs, review the best market rates available and advise you on it. We also look at the different structuring options for Long Term borrowing because of our technical understanding of structuring loans. You can rest assured with us that you are getting an optimum cost of borrowing. Managing fixed or floating rate decisions on a timely basis require a deep understanding of financial markets and also of available hedge instruments. Managing currency of borrowing appropriately and overlaying appropriate hedge strategy saves significant cost on an IRR basis. Besides to like comparison local and overseas bond markets makes a difference in cost optimization. Improvement in your rating requires careful strategy and that also brings interest cost savings.

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Interest Rates services that we provide

Loan interest rate reduction



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We will be evaluating your working capital and term loan portfolio. On the working capital, we will advise you when to go for PCFC, PCRE, EPC, FCTL, CC, CP, etc, and what rate you should get. On the term loan side, we will advise you on ECB, FCTL, RTL, and how you can manage Foreign currency risk or fixed floating risk so that overall you achieve cost savings.

Loan hedging and strategy evaluation

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We support the evaluation of various hedge strategies like swaps, option-based hedging, short-term hedging with rollover, tranche hedging, partial amount hedging, etc. Within swaps also there are multiple variants and IRR calculation for each of the choices will be evaluated. Within option structures, we will be evaluating plain calls, out-of-the-money calls, spreads, staggered call spreads, etc. Optimum hedge structure reduces interest cost

Pricing of loan strategies and IRR scenario analysis

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We will be involved in the pricing of strategies and the computation of IRR under various scenarios. There is a deep understanding of credit charges and bank models which helps in the reduction of cost.

Pricing, Negotiation and cost savings



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We will set up the system for Negotiation of the pricing, strategy for getting effective pricing, and support in negotiations if required. This will be an extremely important aspect as the possibility of leakages can be significant. Often banks charge the high prices on deal execution and considering we have worked in senior management positions in both Indian and Foreign banks we understand the psychology and the tricks of the trade. We help the companies in appropriate strategizing to get the right rate while dealing with the banks

Educate and introduce options and swaps for hedging where required.



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Using options help at times. However, option-based hedging should not be done without deep understanding. We educate and handhold companies in understanding vols surface, Greeks like delta, gamma and how to use the Greeks for decision making and monitoring.

Structured financing



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We bring structured financing ideas and execution to corporates. Structuring involves tweaking of securities, the composition of loans, fixed-floating switching, international borrowing, etc.

We have the most competitive minds working with comprehensive global data to help you get the best rates possible for your company.


Our Events are spread across the year. Our focus is to have workshops and knowledge sessions that increase the effectiveness both of an individual and an organization. The sessions are structured on practical relevant operations aspects. We also have sessions on updated, current, relevant market movements and practices, regulations, knowledge, and technology. All training sessions are free for our advisory retainer clients. Clients can register by sending us an email to [email protected]. Few of our training sessions are complimentary for everyone. Explore what we have for you.

Client Scenario

An NBFC with a large portfolio of ECBs in USD and EUR were running with a 100% hedge using forwards and thus suffering heavy cost. We got the hedges changed in terms of structure and tenor after a detailed analysis of cash flow and cost. The hedges were also amended keeping regulations and market outlook in mind. Resulted in significant savings in terms of per annum cost as well as from a cash point of view. With the rebalancing, the hedge cost came down by around 2.50% p.a. on an effective basis.

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