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With the increase in Global Trade and Global Investments, Foreign exchange exposures of companies are increasing consistently. The exposures emanate mostly from exports, imports, low-cost foreign currency borrowings, or investment abroad. There is always a scope of improving foreign exchange risk management by availing of cutting-edge advisory services.

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Foreign Exchange Services We Provide

Cost reduction on import payments through import hedge strategy



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We will monitor your payments bill by bill date by date and will advise at the right time to hedge along with specific advice on hedge instruments, price and tenor. Objective will be to minimise your payment Fx rate compared to either an unhedged position or against forwarding premium.

Rate improvement in Exports through Export hedge strategy



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We will be monitoring your order book, invoice book, and also projected annual exports on a daily basis. We will advise you on when to hedge, how much to hedge, hedge instrument, right rate, hedge tenor, etc. We will help in the execution of the hedge and in any setup with the bank if required. The objective here is to achieve a high annual budget rate and also a higher realization rate compared to an unhedged position or forward rate. The inflows which come, whether to early utilize or convert at the market will also be advised.

Loan interest rate reduction



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We will be evaluating your working capital and term loan portfolio. On the working capital, we will advise you when to go for PCFC, PCRE, EPC, FCTL, CC, CP, etc, and what rate you should get. On the term loan side, we will advise you on ECB, FCTL, RTL, and how you can manage Foreign currency risk or fixed floating risk so that overall you achieve cost savings.

Risk Reduction - Limit P&L volatility




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We do not focus on savings alone but on risk-adjusted savings. Hence our strategies are conservative and limit risks both economically and on an accounting basis

Ensure stability even if currency crisis happens or sharp move happens

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There are times when your functional currency INR has moved sharply. Our strategies ensure that in such a scenario, you will never be caught off guard.

Implement discipline in forex management




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We proactively reach out and ensure that there is required discipline in your forex management, and it is not put into the backburner during stable times.

Educate and introduce options and swaps for hedging where required.

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Using options help at times. However, option-based hedging should not be done without deep understanding. We educate and handhold companies in understanding vols surface, Greeks like delta, gamma, and how to use the Greeks for decision making and monitoring.

Analysis and Evaluation of alternative strategies on following parameters



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IRR or net effective interest cost with hedging, Break-even analysis, Cost & Risk optimization, Regulation, Accounting impact, Cash impact, value at risk impact.

Advising on specific hedging and risk management decisions of the company on regular basis

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Review every-day morning and afternoon by Senior advisors, Morning Customised advise Interim advice during the day if required Follow up during the day to ensure advice is implemented timely and not missed out

Strategizing and implementation of hedge execution leading to cost reduction

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This will include getting the right price on hedge execution, Reduction of credit charge, Avoid trending mark-ups, Narrowing Bid-Offer spread, Using nuances of hedging to improve price, Unwind value calculation, and negotiation strategy

Providing regular market research, updates, data analysis, webinars, etc

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This will include- Daily morning and evening update,Market Research Reports,Exclusive Reports,Webinars on Currency and related areas, Global markets, Industry movements etc ,Analysis and assisting in presentations for Board and Investor meetings if any

Training and capability building

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This includes- Regular query resolution and explanation of practical concepts,Structured Training to senior management on specific areas/complexities as required ,Annual workshop with IIM Calcutta

Assisting companies in evaluation of documents




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Hedge term sheets, Hedge covenants, Hedge deal confirmation, ISDA etc

Help in arranging hedge bank if needed

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Support in counterparty selection, Arranging hedge lines in favorable terms ,Selection of right bank based on hedge type

Implementation of sophisticated methodologies of risk management



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Live real time MTM, Value at Risk, Risk control, MIS & Control set up

MTM Valuation, Quarter End Valuation Certificate, CVA & DVA.

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We provide a third-party valuation certificate of hedge instruments which is well accepted in the market and CVA, DVA calculations as well if required. Besides we add value to corporates by negotiating well for unwinding values if required

Performance Reviews Weekly Performance reviews



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Meeting and Calls on regular basis for “day to day” operations,Performance review weekly on strategy and plan with the Managing Director/Director ,Interim Assessment of performance based on the “objective to be achieved “for Your Company ,Quarterly Assessment of performance based on the “objective to be achieved for Your Company

Global Best Practices in Treasury



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Updates to the client on Global best practices and assessment of the clients “Best practices and opportunities” Support in working out the Risk Management Policy

The right Foreign Exchange decision can save millions for corporate. Taking the right decision at the right time makes the difference.


Our Events are spread across the year. Our focus is to have workshops and knowledge sessions that increase the effectiveness both of an individual and an organization. The sessions are structured on practical relevant operations aspects. We also have sessions on updated, current, relevant market movements and practices, regulations, knowledge, and technology. All training sessions are free for our advisory retainer clients. Clients can register by sending us an email to [email protected]. Few of our training sessions are complimentary for everyone. Explore what we have for you.


Recently when USDINR went to 72.40, one of our clients panicked and wanted to increase their hedges significantly. We assessed the global situation related to bond yields, convexity hedging, the divergence of Fed stance, and market rates. We were convinced that additional hedging was not required even though the market trend looked otherwise. Our understanding of the market, experience and assessment told us so. We convinced our client through multiple calls to avoid panicking and instead maintain the minimum band of hedge ratio and wait for a better level to increase the hedge. In a couple of days, 74.00 was traded for a short while and we re-started the SIP hedge program building hedges at 77.0-78.0-79.0-80.0 levels. This is just an example of how we prevented our client from taking a suboptimal decision which would have resulted in opportunity loss and hence would have been wrong.”

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