The Pharma Industry is going through exciting times. The industry has taken center stage in and after a pandemic period and seen a good amount of success. Government Policies on mass medical Insurance globally are compelling the government to think and implement low-cost alternative brands. The industry is moving more and more towards the Generic model. The need of the hour is also to develop new medicines that can cure or prevent incurable diseases. The results in this area have not been as per rising expectations. It has been relatively stagnant.

The Pharma Industry is a net exchange earner. They have revenues primarily in USD and EUR with some sizable portions in GBP and JPY. They have some spending and imports in USD primarily. Fx volatility has a huge impact on profitability, making a proper budget and managing the Fx effectively remains the key concern. Identifying the cycles and associated risk, and effective hedging strategy is the key to success.

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Our client is a leading Pharma company having net exports. This client wanted to have defined profits without surprises and a positive MTM. We worked with them to restructure the existing Risk Management Policy, develop wider relations with banks, develop hedging plans, making hedging when market opportunities opened. Our client has managed to control costs and make profits on their exposure by managing their exposures in a disciplined manner.

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