The Manufacturing Industry is a vast and diversified sector covering consumer, automotive, medical machinery, and construction. Manufacturing Industry is so vast and diversified that the impact of the pandemic is mixed The medical machinery industry has broadly been doing well during the pandemic while others have struggled to survive. A skilled labor shortage may pose a bigger problem as the younger generations choose white-collar jobs more. There is an opportunity for wider implementation of machine intelligence and data analytics. There is a question mark on whether the Trade war impact can be felt on supply chains.

As the industry is diversified the exposures are also very diversified. Some companies have exports more than imports while others who have large domestic customer bases have significant imports. Imports are primarily in USD. Exports are primarily in USD and EUR with a few companies having some level of JPY exports also. The challenges are to align the exposures with business objectives and devise optimum hedge strategies. Companies may have term loans in foreign currency and some CAPEX in FC as well. Risk management in a net or gross manner remains to be the deciding factor given the objectives of a specific company.

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One of our clients is a leader in their area of Manufacturing. They were facing challenges in developing a Risk Management Policy. We worked with them to understand the import and export cycles, what factors should be included so as to develop a correct benchmark set. Based on their risk appetite, the cycle and the vision on how they wanted to see their exposures -we developed a plan on Hedging which has yielded very good results for them.

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