Recovering from the disruptions caused by COVID in the last 2 years, the economy is picking up momentum and is expected to grow at a pace of 6.5% in FY22. Buy now pay later has revolutionized the banking industry and is expected to grow to a size of USD 40-50 billion by 2026. The integration of new technologies such as Application Programming Interfaces(API) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will help the banks to make use of their data, giving a boost to their customer services, improving customer experiences, while also ensuring better process and cost efficiencies. Moreover, the insurance industry is also expected to grow at a CAGR of around 10% with the main drivers contributing to this growth being increased awareness levels, the advent of the digital payments infrastructure and big data.

The Indian NBFCs are having long-term FX payables in the form of ECBs, bonds, etc. Here the dominant borrowing currencies are USD and EUR, next comes JPY. Challenges are in choosing the right kind of borrowing amongst the limited availability. The choice of effective hedge instruments, getting the right price while hedging, monitoring the hedges on a live basis, etc are the need of the hour. Also getting clean lines for hedging and getting multiple good counterparties also remains the challenge for the sector.

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Our custom software captures all your exposures and other date details. Your data is updated every day as your exposures change. Our analysis and advice for you is strategized by our Directors themselves based on your updated data each day. You can view your data and analysis 24 by 7 in our software.


Our Events are spread across the year. Our focus is to have workshops and knowledge sessions that increase the effectiveness both of an individual and an organization. The sessions are structured on practical relevant operations aspects. We also have sessions on updated, current, relevant market movements and practices, regulations, knowledge, and technology. All training sessions are free for our advisory retainer clients. Clients can register by sending us an email to [email protected]. Few of our training sessions are complimentary for everyone. Explore what we have for you.


An NBFC client where the hedging policy was very conservative, we worked out strategies to save around 10/15 basis points on their borrowing in a consistent manner. In absolute terms, the resulting savings have been to the tune of few crores annually.We accomplished this in the last quarter for them.
Our advisory involves providing end to end solutions from strategy making, to instrument and timing identification, interest rate optimization.We are advising to our client end to end- starting from choosing a benchmark interest rate to the borrowing currency to hedge instruments, complying with the internal policy along with ensuring regulatory aspects.We also help in the day to day operations actively in negotiations with banks by providing our client with precise interbank pricing and strategies to negotiate.

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