Why do corporates need a forex advisor

There are many ways corporates benefit from a forex advisor. Here are few of those

Forex advisors can help in getting the right price from Banks :

We have seen 90% of the corporates have scope to improve the price they get from Bank. Even for spot , cash and forward deals a good negation strategy and access to live pricing helps. For options and swaps there is huge scope of pricing improvement. Surprisingly even for large companies there are often scope for improvement. Since even a pip is a good money in forex, getting right price improves pricing. This in itself is big reason for you to consider using the help of a good forex advisor.

Forex consultants help you with decision on when to hedge and how much to hedge:

Most critical decision in hedging is that of timing. Often corporate finance, CFOs and treasury executives have many other additional responsibilities. Hence they cannot focus on global markets and forex markets as much as it demands. Reputable Fx consultants (Forex advisors) such as QuantArt are 24 hours focused on Fx Markets and also have access to tools, analysis, networks, algorithms which help them to advise well on timing.

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