Copper Outlook

Published on - July 2024

Summary of Copper Outlook Report – July 2024 

Global Copper Demand and Usage 

  • Growth in 2024: Preliminary data indicates a 4% increase in world refined copper usage in the first four months of 2024, driven primarily by a 6.5% increase in Chinese demand​​. 
  • 2024 Projections: World refined copper usage is expected to grow by 2% in 2024 and 2.5% in 2025, revised down from earlier estimates. Infrastructure developments and green energy transitions will continue to support long-term demand​​. 
  • Sectoral Growth: Electrical wiring and electronic equipment sectors, constituting around 65% of global demand, are projected to grow by 7.1% CAGR to $403.7 billion in 2024. Construction sector demand, making up 25% of global demand, is set to grow by 3.5% CAGR to $155.3 billion, while transportation sector demand, accounting for 5% of demand, is set to grow by 6.8% CAGR to $57.5 billion​​. 

Global Copper Supply and Production 

  • Mine Production: World copper mine production increased by 4.9%, with significant recovery from Chile, Indonesia, Peru, and the USA​​. 
  • Refined Copper Production: Global refined copper production rose by 5.5%, with China and the DRC contributing 54% of the total. China’s refined production increased by 6%, while the DRC saw a 32% rise due to the ramp-up of electrowinning plants​​. 
  • 2024 Projections: World copper mine production is expected to grow by 0.5% in 2024 and 3.9% in 2025, with refined copper production forecast to rise by 2.8% in 2024 and 2.2% in 2025​​. 

Economic Factors and Price Movements 

  • Chinese Market: Weak economic data from China, including slower industrial output growth and a deepening housing slump, has contributed to weak demand and rising inventories, affecting copper prices​​. 
  • Price Fluctuations: Copper prices surged to over $10,500 per ton due to supply constraints and market speculation but corrected to around $9,600 per ton as supply conditions improved and speculative momentum slowed​​. 
  • Fed Policy: The Federal Reserve signaled future rate cuts despite sticky inflation, which is expected to support copper demand by reducing borrowing costs for manufacturers and construction companies​​. 

Market Outlook and Strategies

  • Demand Outlook: Despite current weak demand, especially in China, overall consumption is expected to increase due to the growing demand for copper in green energy technologies, EVs, and semiconductor chips​​. 
  • Price Projections: The near-term outlook for LME 3-months copper price is $9,300/ton – $10,000/ton, with a medium-term outlook of $10,000/ton – $11,000/ton​​. 
  • Hedging & procurement Strategies: Various hedging strategies for copper buyers and sellers are outlined, with specific recommendations based on market conditions and price expectations​​. 

Arbitrage Opportunities 

  • MCX/LME Arbitrage: Current analysis of the prices doesn’t allow for arbitrage opportunities 

Hedging Regulations and processes 

  • Regulatory Framework: Hedging in international exchanges or OTC markets requires prior approval from AD I banks, adherence to exposure limits, and compliance with structured products’ eligibility criteria. Banks are required to validate the genuineness of exposures and manage margin requirements appropriately​​. 

This summary captures key insights and projections from the “Copper Outlook Report June End”, highlighting demand trends, production forecasts, economic influences, price movements, market strategies, arbitrage opportunities, and regulatory considerations. 

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