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Benefit from USDINR movements – 5 ways to save cost

Written by QuantArt Market

Forex Hedging | 02 min Read

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USD INR has become volatile, however this is an opportunity for those who manage their FX Risk Smartly. QuantArt, India’s top foreign exchange advisor for corporate’s, is helping companies to save costs and reduce risk in multiple ways. Some of them are as follows:

1. 95% of the companies, including large companies do not get the right price from banks. In 50% of the cases, the finance team is not even aware that they are being charged more. QuantArt can bring in 100% cost savings.

2. 95% of companies pay a high-interest rate on their loan. INR rates are high, unhedged foreign currency has risk and eventually costs high, full hedged foreign currency loan also doesn’t help much. QuantArt brings savings in 90% of the cases through appropriate hedging.

3. Our Algorithm has given very accurate signals for exporters and that has been helpful during this time to attain consistent forex savings and maintain budget rates.

4. Our budget rate solutions can help companies achieve their 19-20 export budget rates comfortably at 77.00 and 80.00 for 20-21.

5. There are another plethora of ways in which QuantArt helps companies like hedge accounting, risk management policy, new regulations and automation.

Our clients include Tata Group, AV Birla Group, Vedanta Group, Reliance group, Top Banks, NBFCs, MSMEs, and MNCs. Our senior advisors are specialists in treasury management and ex-bankers having worked with JPMorgan, HSBC, Goldman, etc before joining QuantArt. And have been in business for the last 8 years.

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