Hedging & Risk Management

We Assist in A to Z related to Fx hedging.  Hedging of Imports, Exports, FC Loan, Off beat currencies, Hedge Accounting, Bank Negotiation, Strategy making and anything related to Fx Hedging.

Interest Cost Reduction

High interest cost is the peril behind performance of many companies. QuantArt helps company save interest cost through foreign currency fund arrangement and appropriate hedging of the same

Forex Cost Savings

QuantArt helps importers and FC Borrowers hedge in an efficient manner and thus improve upon the effective cost achievable through simple hedging or no hedging. We target effective IRR improvement as well.  The savings straightway go to bottomline

Investment Banking

We specialize in arranging debt and mezzanine capital for our clients. Our scope includes rupee loans, rupee bonds, and working capital as well as foreign currency loans (ECBs). We also assist corporates in managing their day to day fundraising operations.

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