Frequently Asked Questions

QuantArt holds Technical Training and Market Outlook workshops. In these workshops, we answer questions that are top concerns and challenges for corporates around FX, Commodities and Interest Rates. Explore some of the common asked questions that corporates ask- you may find an answer to what you have been looking for.

SOFR: Outlook and Hedging Strategies

Q: Outlook on EURO? EURO Forecast

USDINR Outlook and ways to benefit from FX volatility

Q: What is the importance of  9th Jan 2023

Q: Predicting USD to strengthen to 85 level due to recovery of US economy in later second half of 2023?

Q: How European Economy will perform in 2023

Q: What would be the impact of Ukraine War

Managing Commodity Price Volatility

Q: Example of Steel Hedging


Q: Can we do transactions in Indian Markets NCDX or we have to do it in LME only

Forex Hedging strategies during Volatile Markets

Q: View on Euro Imports

SOFR Management & USD Loans

Q: What is SOFR?

Q: Why Libor Transition Happened?

Corporate Treasury Best Practices & USDINR Outlook

Swaps, Usage of Swaps & Swap Pricing

FX Hedging and Regular Deals

FX Hedging using Exotic Options


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