Today is about the Survival of the Knowledgeable. Globally with tremendous pressure on efficiency enhancement in corporates, every executive has to upskill through the year. With COVID-19 bringing new challenges to the workplace, corporates have to manage more with fewer resources and often with remote workings. We help corporates and executives get in best practices in their organization through our well thought of, time-apt, detailed and comprehensive courses, training modules and knowledge sessions.


Corporates are looking for ways to empower their team so that they can make quicker and better decisions on a daily basis. That is where we come in. We are a powerhouse of knowledge and practical experience. Our training programs are designed to empower executives to perform better so that corporates see their executive maximize their potential. Through our custom programs, knowledge workshops and LMS you will have all the answers to run your treasury effectively. You will need to look no further.

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A common thread that we found across corporates is the need to understand the global market dynamics, how the currency will move, what needs to be done to catch that market movements at the right time. They also want to understand how to use the financial instruments aptly, to negotiate better with lenders, how to build an enabled treasury that can act swiftly when required.


Training services that we provide

In-House Exclusive and Customized Training

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These training are most popular. These are exclusively organized for one company/institution. Typically, there is no restriction on the number of participants. The contents are customized to suit the requirements. Typically involves two sessions of 90 minutes each totaling 180 minutes in a day. Since the programs are exclusive, participants can ask practical questions and discuss confidential matters as well. Excel sheet workings and case studies are used to convey complicated concepts in a simple manner

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Knowledge sessions are interactive training sessions on topics that are technical, topical, and cutting edge. Examples are swap pricing, option pricing, option-based hedging, commodity hedging, option Greeks, convexity hedging, Bond duration management etc. etc. The knowledge sessions are typical of 90 minutes duration. These are pre-scheduled and open for registered participants. One can join a single or a series of knowledge sessions.
These sessions are open for individuals as well as for organizations.

Learning Management System

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If you want to learn a particular topic at your own time, convenience, and comfort on your own then LMS is for you. You have Videos, FAQs, Formats, Reports, Excel sheets, Presentations, Calculators to learn. Each topic will also have Q&A to test your understanding. You can share your questions with us and we will get back to you when solutions.

Excellence happens when there is a blending of best knowledge with perfect implementation. We have the best minds who have vast experience of working on complicated deals and iterations. When they train your team-the results are outstanding.


Our Events are spread across the year. Our focus is to have workshops and knowledge sessions that increase the effectiveness both of an individual and an organization. The sessions are structured on practical relevant operations aspects. We also have sessions on updated, current, relevant market movements and practices, regulations, knowledge, and technology. All training sessions are free for our advisory retainer clients. Clients can register by sending us an email to [email protected]. Few of our training sessions are complimentary for everyone. Explore what we have for you.


A leading bank wanted to build a team of exotic option structures. They did not have this skill in-house and were postponing the decision to hire an internal expert. We worked with them for a year to build the Exotics skill in the banks structuring team. We also handled real cases related to Exotic structuring during our association.

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