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Daily Update on Fx for Corporates

USDINR and Global markets - morning update14th July 2020 INR likely to open around 75.30 USD recouped some of its losses yesterday, as intra-day risk aversion in US markets brought back US equity from the highs for this year. EUR is at 1.1340, after being higher than...

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USD INR View Today and Factors Impacting USD INR

USD INR view today and factors impacting itUSD INR view today (14/07/2020) INR is likely to open around 75.30. To get the USDINR View Daily via WhatsApp Register here. Some of India's largest companies use our USDINR views. You can also Email us to setup a 121...

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Fx Risk Management for Corporates

Fx Risk Management for CorporatesHow important is it to have a customized Hedging and Forex Risk Management policy for your company? To say the least, a good policy prevents unexpected financial losses and boosts profits. Good FX Risk Management by Corporates makes...

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Forex Hedging Strategies for Importers and Exporters

Forex Hedging Strategies For importers and exportersIn this brief write up, we provide some thoughts on hedge strategies for importers and exporters in IndiaHedge strategies for importers 1. No Hedge : Some think no hedging is a good choice since forward premium is...

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Is USDINR heading to 78.0 next or to 74.0?

Is USDINR heading to 78.0 next or to 74.0 ?USDINR recently moved to 75.0 and now is back to 76.0. Question is where is it headed next? To answer that question, we need to first examine the key factors which are driving USDINR at this stage - 1. Current Account Deficit...

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USD LIBOR 6 months and USD LIBOR 3 months

USD LIBOR 3 months and USD Libor 6 months  USD Libor is at an almost all-time low due to the sharp interest rate cuts from the Fed on the back of the COVID-19 scare USD swaps are indicating that there is a potential for LIBOR to fall further. There is currently around...

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