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Budget 2019 and its impact on INR

Populist measures with an eye on upcoming electionsDirect cash transfer to farmers – retrospectively from December 2018. Estimated to cost 75k per year and this year’s budget allocation, up to 20k crores also provided.Middle-class tax benefitsNo tax up to 5 lacs of...

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ECB Hedging

[ninja_tables id="3180"] ** Assumed 6ML+300 bps and bullet loan [ninja_tables id="3183"]   These are some of the ECB Hedging Cost for more details contact us 

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INR View Strategy

Primary reasons behind the move and reasons which can take INR to 71-72 are as follows: Fed has been hawkish and rightly so since US economy is doing well. Inflation has been inching up and core CPI is above the Fed’s 2% target. Trump’s deficit induced spending plan...

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Objective In this paper, we aim to outline global best practices and key ingredients of a good forex risk management policy which can protect a firm from fluctuating exchange rates and by doing so help save cost directly or indirectly leading to improved bottom-line....

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